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WORKS 2019     

Here you can find the collection of the clips we realized this year. This technique has been applied to different fields but our aim is always the same: to let time play the main role, in order to create sensational videos. 

What is the TIME-LAPSE?

When the system arrives on site, it is ready-to-use and it has already been tested. We only need to connect it to the electricity grid and to calibrate the framing of the device. It is widely customizable and adaptable to any need (it is not preset). Privacy is guaranteed: we have developed a software that automatically obscures the faces of all the people that appear in the frames.

Time-lapse video technique consists in taking photos in sequence through one or more devices for the entire duration of the event. Shots are preset according to your needs (every 15/30 minutes). We use multiple shooting options to document the work from various points of view. The system has already been tested in large companies, industrial plants, construction sites, limited access areas.

Relive your building site in one minute.

Thanks to time-lapse technique you can see in a few seconds the evolution of an event that would otherwise be too long in real time.

Video Marketing

Time-lapse is a completely new way of telling a story and it can be applied to every field: corporate field, construction industry, landscape, culture, museums, tourism, sport and much more. It could be considered an incisive form of communication, because it causes an immediate emotional response. Time-lapse can be used for several aims: to improve the brand identity and the reputation of the customer, to promote a product or a service, to attract new customers and to retain the acquired ones. It can be an excellent tool for public administrations to promote their territory in a modern and dynamic way, or also for companies during exhibitions to show in a very short time their expansion or the use of a new technology.

This new technology brings about immediate visibility: you can upload time-lapse videos on yout website, as well as on social media pages of the company or on a dedicated YouTube channel, generating traffic and interest.

Video in 4k

Upon request, we realize high-definition videos with a post-production program, in which all the photographs will be organized to create the sequence of frames that will compose the video.

Get a free quote. You can contact us by mail or phone. We will find a profesional solution tailored for you.

Fields of application

The application of time-lapse technique ranges from construction sites to tourism, from production chains to public events. There are no boundaries to creativity!

Time-lapse can be used even in production chains to see an event that lasts for a long time accelerated in a few seconds (e.g. the movement of a production line). This allows you to see quickly all the production phases related to the packaging of a product, the assembly of the parts of a car, etc.
Time-lapse is the perfect tool to capture a long period of work. Site monitoring can also become a communication tool to share on social networks and to show during openings or events such as trade fairs. Time-lapse motivates the work team and allows you to follow the evolution of a project.

Relive your building site in one minute.



We can control remotely the settings of the time-lapse system at any time and also change the technical parameters. In case of malfunction, the problem will be reported within one hour. Remote control increases the safety of data recording and consequently the system reliability, but above all it increases the site safety as it actually reduces to zero the manual interventions on site, avoiding all the risks that they entail.


Using a drone for aerial videos is an effective way to monitor the aims of a project and to examine the progress of work. It is important for us to show images in as much detail as possible and to provide you with aerial documentation as much complete as possible.

Get a free quote. You can contact us by mail or phone. We will find a profesional solution tailored for you.



This device is assembled according to the customer’s needs. It can be installed on any surface and it resists high temperatures and bad weather conditions.

tl8 pro


We have developed a mobile time-lapse device which can be moved even daily in the building site to get more points of view and to better focus on certain types of work.



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