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Software time lapse


Monitoring and evaluation of the progress of the work of its activity 24/7;
• Remote access to all images taken in real time even from your smartphone;
• Clear images, useful for any disputes.
Download and share of the shots with all the professionals involved;
• Monitoring of several construction sites at the same time;
• Create the storyboard of the construction site;
• Use of images to draw up reports remotely, avoiding unnecessary travel;
• Alert in case of system malfunction
• Automatic daily, monthly or weekly time lapse videos
• Compare different photos of the same device, at different times, and overlap them
• A "Notes" field available for each device

You can't be on site 24/7.

At TimelapseLab we know that 24 hours a day are almost never enough to keep up with the times: contact the construction manager, suppliers, customers, resolve legal issues. And, as if that weren't enough, physically go to the construction site to make sure that your projects are taking place correctly and on schedule.

With our high definition photographic timelapse devices we provide your team with all the tools to keep track of your projects. Below we show you how remote monitoring can help you keep your construction site under control entirely remotely.


Thanks to remote monitoring you can finally
use your time and resources more efficiently,
directly from home, office, or wherever you are!


Timelapse Lab devices are not cameras or similar, unreliable in construction site areas, but ad-hoc devices for this type of service. Plus, they don't need SD cards - photos are sent to our server via the mobile network .


The device is shipped to the site site, Italian or foreign , and installed , without the aid of specialized technicians (so-called PLUG & PLAY). Furthermore, after installation, the Timelapse Lab devices do not require any intervention : from now on it is possible, remotely , not only to control the system settings of the device in any time, but also make changes to various technical parameters (eg frequency of shots).


In the event of a malfunction of the system, the problem is reported immediately thanks to the alert system of TimelapseLab: for example, it could rarely happen that the power supply to the device fails. if necessary, a notification will be sent to the company via an alert which must notify the site manager, who will have to restore the electrical connection and the device will restart automatically.
The backup of the data is guaranteed, thus increasing the reliability of the system. The remote control , even more importantly, increases safety on site by reducing manual interventions on the installation site to ZERO and eliminating all the risks and criticalities that would ensue.

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Our video tutorials to use the software

create your time lapse in a few simple steps

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