Timelapse Lab.

Time-lapse is a modern video production technique in which, unlike the traditional cinematography filming, the video is made by capturing single photographic images that are edited in succession as if they were frames.

Thanks to this technique we are able to speed up the time that passes to such an extent that we can illustrate particularly long events, such as building projects, exhibitions preparation or the progressive interior design.

We guarantee high-quality videos through using multiple shooting positions for covering events that take place over a long period, one year or more.
The service includes: camera installation, image shooting, final video editing and post-production.

We shoot high-quality images (2688 x 1520 pixel) which are saved on remote servers to facilitate user access whenever required without needing to intervene.

Video cameras have a modified firmware in order to perform the required functions automatically without adding external devices. Furthermore, there is no frame losses.

For our videos we only use professional high-quality video cameras which are mounted by specialists with specific experience in the time-lapse construction industry.

For informations contact us at 347.8247830 or info@timelapselab.it


A time-lapse video allows you to:

Check the progress of the work in real time from the office or while travelling through a simple and intuitive interface;
See what has been happening again;
Control the evolving property;
Make impactful promotional videos.



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